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Göta Trägårdh


New: Folkore & Japan

Göta Trägårdh’s organic and shifting patterns are characterised in the Josephine pattern included in the current Bemz collection.


Josephine is now joined by the equally stunning blooms depicted in her vibrant Folklore and the timeless Japan.

Pop art

Göta Trägårdh was a well known Swedish textile and costume designer during the 1950s and 60s. At the same time, she was a co-founder of one of Swedens most esteemed design schools Beckmans, where she influenced and taught many of the next generation of designers in Sweden.

She is known for her “pencil line look” in her textile designs. Many of her designs are characterised by thin, wavy pencil lines, organic in nature yet shifting and harmonic in form.


Additionally, in accordance with the era in which she was working, Göta was very influenced by pop art and splatter painting.


These contemporary design themes are repeated often in her textiles and are very representative of the Göta Trägårdh style. Göta's favourite colour treatments were either a bright pink or a black and white combination with gray tonalities.


Bemz has chosen to reproduce ”Josephine”- a classic Göta Trägårdh textile design in both pink and black and white colourways - Göta Trägårdh's preferred colour palettes.

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  • Graphite Grey Josephine Panama Cotton

    Göta Trädgårdh

  • Strong Pink Josephine Panama Cotton

    Göta Trädgårdh

  • White Japan

    Göta Trädgårdh

  • Grey Japan

    Göta Trädgårdh

  • Blue/Pink Folklore

    Göta Trädgårdh

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