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Viola Gråsten

Klippan Viola Gråsten Kaleido blue


New: Hästakastanj & Trianglar

VIola Gråsten's popular Kaleido pattern, available at Bemz since 2008, is now joined by two more graphic and stunningly unique designs.


The subtly sophisticated and neutral Hästkastanj (”Horse chestnut”), and the more contemporary and geometric Trianglar (”Triangles”).

Floral art

Textile designer Viola Gråsten (1910-1994) was born in Finland and came to Sweden in 1945. Towards the end of the 1940s she began to design patterns for textiles that instantly became national and international successes.

Her glowing range of colours became known as ”Gråsten-colours” and have become one of the trademark signatures of a Gråsten design.


Her designs were often bold and geometric, with a very personal style which often drew inspiration from nature. They are still extremely popular amongst collectors and ”design interested” today.


Bemz has selected ”Kaleido” to represent Viola Gråstens design style- a typical geometric ”block print” design with a loose, floral inspiration. ”Kaleido” is available in blue tones or a typical Viola Gråsten brown/purple combination.

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  • Grey Trianglar

    Viola Gråsten

  • Khaki Green Hästkastanj

    Viola Gråsten

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