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The story of our products

Each Bemz home textile product is custom-made exclusively for you. You choose the textile and the style of your textile product, and then we produce it for you.

Handcutting Bemz prewashed linen fabricCustom made. Your home textile product is most often hand cut, and always individually sewn by our experienced seamstresses in the Baltics. Once produced, it is sent to our logistics centre for packaging, and then home to you.

Wonderful textiles. Bemz offers a wide range and variety of quality textiles. In our collections you will find over 70 different solid coloured fabrics that can be combined with over 80 printed designs from established as well as ”up and coming” designers. Our textiles are made from 100% natural fibres and are available in Panama Cotton, two tone woven cotton, Chenille Textured Cotton, and cotton/linen blends. You’ll never be at a loss for choice.

Focus on design. At Bemz, our focus on great design comes from our Swedish roots, not surprising considering our origins, but we also offer designs we love as that is integral to our products and products ideas. We go to great lengths to ensure that our textiles mix and match. So, you can create your own colour-coordinated palette – your own personal style.

Bemz Lifestyles. To help you put it all together we have provided ideas and advice in the form of 5 unique Bemz Lifestyles that will give you a departure point for exploring and developing your own style. Discover our Lifestyles, find the one that best represents you and then create your own style. Our Lifestyles are meant only as guidelines – feel free to mix and match them. There are no rules – only creative possibilities!

We’ve done the background work – we’ve made sure that Bemz offers the best quality products, textiles, and inspirational lifestyles to guide you in your design choices. 
Now it’s up to you to take it a step further … And make it your own…

Bemz spring pastels

We guarantee it!

We are very proud of the quality of our products. So, we feel completely confident in offering you a 3-year quality guarantee on your Bemz purchase.

And of course you may return your Bemz product for any reason within 14 days of receiving you package. For further information please read our full Return and Guarantee Policy in our Customer Service section.

Bemz home textiles

Ektorp: Pure Washed Linen Lavender, Loose fit

Behind the scenes in production

Bemz fabricsThe Bemz production process starts with sourcing textiles. The textiles then undergo numerous processes before they are cut and sewn into Bemz home textile products; from cleaning and washing and preshrinking to dyeing, printing, finishing, cutting, sewing, quality assurance, inspection and shipping.

All these processes are managed from our global head office in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the home base for our staff that manages in-house design, marketing, product development and our supply chain work.

When selecting our production partners, we use a very strict selection criteria. We call it ‘narrow and deep’. We choose a small number of key partners and grow a deep relationship with them in order to create a symbiosis. This results in a more integrated and efficient supply chain process, which in turn delivers better quality control and creates better quality products. 

Dyeing and Printing of Bemz textiles. Today we do the majority of our dyeing, and all of our printing at a print factory on the west coast of Sweden – an area of Sweden that has been known for its textile industry since the 17th century. We have chosen our printing partner for their commitment to quality and their understanding of our production requirements.

Making of Bemz textiles

Sourcing of Bemz textiles. We source textiles around the world, looking for the best producers of durable, natural textiles that are suited to our products. Today we work with textile producers in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Turkey and Pakistan amongst others. Our requirements are unique and our quality demands are tough so finding the right partners take hard work. We are very proud of our textile partners, and the quality of the textiles that they produce.

Sourcing of Designer Textiles. Bemz collaborates with some of the most well-known textile brands and designers in the world today, as well as with some of the most interesting up-and-coming designers. We have selected these partners for the quality of their design as well as the suitability of the designs and textiles to our products. From a design perspective, we chose design partnerships that feel compatible to our Scandinavian design roots. From a textile perspective, we have selected partners with fabrics that are 100% natural, machine washable and durable enough to be suitable for our products.

Sewing of a Bemz coverSewing. Bemz works closely with sewing partners in the Baltic region. We have chosen to work with sewing partners within the European Union in order to have access to the strict regulations on quality control and employee rights provided by EU business requirements.

From the beginning it was very difficult to find sewing partners that could provide exactly the quality of sewing and finishing of our Bemz products, as well as the ability to sew according to the “one by one” sewing process which we require. However, through a rigorous selection method and many onsite visits to numerous sewing factories, we found our ideal sewing partners that could support our unique production process.

Each home textile product is individually sewn and produced by our sewing partners. Many Bemz products are even hand cut by the seamstresses so that we can keep the quality of the finished product. For example, some printed textiles require hand cutting and hand matching of individual textile pieces in order to ensure that the pattern is well represented in the final product. Your Bemz home textiles are truly “one of a kind”, custom produced products.

Quality Control and Logistics. We have our own Logistics Centre in the Baltics. Bemz staff is responsible for quality control, inventory management, liaison with the sewing factories and shipping of the final products to our customers. At the end of the Bemz production chain, Bemz staff has the final eye on your product and ensure that you receive the best quality product on time, and according to your requirements.

Our design ethos

Design is at the heart of everything that we do at Bemz. From our fabric designs to the range of colours and styles represented in our inspirational Lifestyles section of

Our style is Scandinavian. Everything that we do is influenced by our Swedish design heritage. From the way we mix colours and palettes to the textiles that inspire us. We work with many different design influences and design trends but we always interpret it from our Scandinavian perspective.

In keeping with our dedication to design, we have chosen to either produce our own Bemz designed textiles designed exclusively by Swedish textile designer Katarina Wiklund, or to source the very best in established, or up-and-coming designers. We work with well-known textile designers from around the world – both contemporary and historical – and we are proud to represent their designs as an important part of the Bemz textile collections.

Part of our Scandinavian perspective means that we use natural materials that have a strong tradition in Swedish homes. Cottons and linens have long been the textile of choice in Sweden for interiors, as well as clothing. Perhaps it has something to do with the simplicity and washability of these textiles. In any case, these textiles are very close to the soul of a swedish house.

Bemz Scandinavian design heritage

Grimen bedframe and Bemz cover in ?

vara loftenWe Guarantee It!

  • 3 year guarantee
  • 2 week return policy
  • Quality guaranteed

hog kvalitet Individual Design

  • 180 classic & modern fabric designs
  • Easy to put on
  • Fits new and old IKEA models

tager Bemz Textiles

  • Designer collections
  • Machine washable
  • 100% natural materials
  • Durable, hard wearing