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Design your custom made Beddinge sofa cover here. Select by model, size or style.

Now you are ready to choose your favourite textiles.

About: Beddinge

A versatile sofa bed that easily converts into a double bed. The simple form of this sofa and the ease of transforming it into a bed make Beddinge a very popular model at Ikea. There is storage space under the sofa seat and Ikea sells a pull-out drawer to fit under the sofa.  

The sofa comes with two extra back pillows and there are even complementary armrest and neck support cushions available to go with the sofa. These cushions are long, narrow pillows available in either a half-circle shape or a square shape. The Beddinge sofa can easily be converted into a bed by folding down the back section and removing the slipcover. 

There is a selection of mattresses for different levels of comfort that go with the Beddinge sofa. The frame is the same no matter which mattress you choose. Bemz offers slipcovers for Beddinge in 160 different machine-washable fabrics, which gives you great opportunity to design your own Beddinge according to your room’s interior. The Beddinge sofa bed is available for purchase at Ikea.

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