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How it all started

Several years ago, Bemz founder and CEO, Lesley Pennington, bought into the idea of the Swedish lifestyle and purchased a summer house by the sea just outside of Stockholm.

Lesley's summer houseAnd, having bought into the idea of a swedish lifestyle, of course she went to IKEA to find fundamental pieces for her new home. There she found her first IKEA sofa, a white Tomelilla. The rest is what we call Bemz history...

That IKEA sofa inspired a business idea. An idea so self-evident Lesley couldn’t believe that anyone else hadn’t thought of it first. An idea that Lesley conceptualized on the Internet because of her technology background. An idea that today is marketed and sold in 35 countries worldwide, and has revolutionised the accessories market in the furniture industry.

It was a very simple idea – custom designed covers for IKEA sofas and chairs.

However, Lesley came to understand that the interest in Bemz sofa covers was not just about sofa covers. It was really about personal expression. The covers were simply a means to an end. Women today want to express their individuality through their lifestyle choices. They want to take a mass-market product like an IKEA sofa and create a unique ”one of a kind” product, which reflects their individuality and personal style.

That is why Bemz focuses on individual design, and personal expression.

Nikkala sofa with white Bemz coverHow do we see our future? We just happened to begin by making sofa covers for IKEA sofas and chairs. Now, as we continue our journey we will expand our selection of custom home textiles. Products that coordinate with our original product offering and complement your original Bemz products.

Customised home textiles designed by you, and produced by Bemz.

Lesley's story

Lesley Pennington at her summer houseLesley Pennington is first and foremost a mom, an entrepreneur, and a design enthusiast. A long time ago she studied Fine Art and Art History at the University of Toronto, and then worked as a graphic designer for a few years until she realised that she was never going to be a great designer. So she quit and started a business providing computer training to the design industry. It turned out to be a highly stimulating entrepreneurial experience that led to a very entrepreneurial job offer – from Apple Computer in Silicon Valley. Lesley packed her suitcases and moved from Canada to California.

Lesley loved Apple, and California, but life has a way of throwing you curveballs. She fell in love with her Swedish colleague Fredrik. Oh well, she was accustomed to moving so she packed up her bags and moved again – this time to Sweden. Lesley inherited a family in Sweden, started her own family, and looked for something that would tie her entrepreneurial spirit and newfound family focus together.

And then she bought the infamous IKEA sofa for her summer house:

”It was relatively simple to find a sofa that could fit into the casual living space at our summer house, but not as easy to find the right colour and the right fabric for the sofa in order to achieve exactly the look that I wanted.

We finally decided to buy a sofa with slipcovers because I loved the idea of being able to take off the slipcovers and wash them when they were dirty, and also to be able to change them if I wanted to change the look of the room. However, the selection of slipcovers for this particular sofa was very limited. There were only three colours to choose from, and they were often not in stock at the IKEA store where I had purchased the sofa.

That’s when I had the idea. I polled my friends – everyone loved the idea of slipcovers for their sofas, and no one knew where they could find them. They were interested in high quality, well made slipcovers with up-to-date colours and inspired, designer patterns. I thought that there must be a way to offer the kinds of products that my friends and I were looking for. That was the beginning of

Since that time, I have realised that what we really want is to make personal design choices for our living spaces. And that is the real business opportunity of Bemz. To support our customers in making individual design choices that reflect their personal style.
Bemz is full circle for me – back to my design and entrepreneurial roots. Bemz nurtures both my creative spirit and my entrepreneurial soul. The name BEMZ is an anagram of the initials of the children in my life. I wanted it to remind me of the really important things in my life, and the reason for doing what I do."

Lesley and family

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