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Our fabrics

Our textiles are the foundation of every Bemz product. We provide the very best textiles for the job.
100% machine washable. Exclusive natural fibres. Durable and hard wearing.

Bemz printed and dyed cushion coversDyeing and printing of our fabrics
Solid-coloured fabrics are processed through dye baths and have the same colour on both sides. Patterned fabrics are usually printed by passing the fabric between printing cylinders where the colour is printed on the front side of the fabric. Another way to create patterned fabrics is to weave the fabric of different-coloured yarns. Bemz offers colour-coordinated slipcover collections to make decorating your home easier and more fun. Since different production techniques are used to create the design of the fabrics a slight shade variation will be visible. For example, if you look at a dyed fabric and a printed striped fabric closely you may notice a slight variance in colour shade. However, when the covers are fitted and placed in the room, the colours are usually perceived as matching. As fabrics are dyed in colour batches small shade differences may occur from roll to roll. If you are ordering the same colour and fabric for your slipcovers to furnish an entire room, a good tip is to order all the slipcovers at the same to ensure the fabric will be cut from the same roll.

Guaranteed fit
The fabrics are treated with an industrial method (Sanforisation) to resist shrinkage. As with all woven fabrics, particularly those made from natural fibres such as cotton and linen, you may note a small amount of shrinkage after the first wash. However, all Bemz fabrics undergo rigorous testing to assure quality and have been awarded the prestigious Sanforised mark. Sanforisation guarantees shape retention and minimal shrinkage, if appropriate care instructions are followed.

Stain protected fabricStain protection
Most of Bemz’s fabrics have been treated with a stain protector, which will keep them looking newer, longer. An invisible molecular barrier around the individual fibres of the fabric provides outstanding protection against liquid spills. Furthermore, this protection includes a component that releases ground-in stains into the detergent and water during laundering, leaving the fabric looking like new. Please note that it is imperative fabrics are ironed following washing to reactivate the stain protector.

Durability – the Martindale test
Bemz’s fabrics have been subjected to the Martindale test, a method to establish the unit for durability. This is where fabric is mounted flat and rubbed in a figure eight like motion using a piece of coarse wool cloth as the abrasive material. The number of cycles the fabric endures before it shows an objectionable change in appearance is counted and determines the fabric’s abrasion rating. The general standard expected for home interiors is an abrasion rating of 15,000 and for public interiors an abrasion rating of 30,000 Martindale. Bemz’s fabrics have been given excellent Martindale ratings and all fabrics pass by far, the standard for home interiors. Several of the fabrics also reach the abrasion standard for public interiors!

Linen from BelgiumNatural fibres
We have searched the world over to find fabrics that are woven with 100% natural fibres. Fabrics that are long lasting, durable, machine washable, and with a quality that meets Bemz’s exacting standards. The unique characteristics of each fabric depend on what type of fibre has been used and how the fabric has been woven.

Cotton fabrics
Cotton is our principle material as it has a high degree of strength, durability and absorbency. The cotton fabric used in Bemz home textiles is always a high quality weave. The look and feel depends on the manner in which the fabric is woven and on the cotton yarn chosen for it. The fabrics are strong and robust enough to withstand heavy usage while maintaining a softness that is pleasing to the touch.

Bemz linen/cotton blendFabrics in linen/cotton
Bemz’s linen fabric is woven in Belgium, a world-renowned producer of high quality linen due to favourable soil and climate conditions along with a time-honoured tradition. This linen provides a feeling of timeless luxury. Mixed with durable yet comfortable cotton, our linen/cotton blend is the ideal indulgence. As with all woven blends, it is likely to have an uneven texture with some small irregularities in the weave, which contribute to its uniqueness.

Fabrics in cotton/linen/viscose
To create fascinating effects in colour and structure, yarns of varying strength and colour shades in cotton, linen and viscose are blended. The fabrics are soft and supple, but it is the structure in the weave and changing hues that give the fabric its special character. After washing, the fibres of the fabric can contract so the covers should be hung to dry at room temperature. After careful ironing, the slipcover will regain its original shape.

Fabrics in pure washed linenBemz Rosendal Pure Washed Linen
This beautiful 100% linen fabric from Belgium is pre-washed to create a sophisticated look and give the strong yet supple fabric a unique appearance. The slipcover does not need to be ironed after washing, if you would like to maintain the loose and somewhat wrinkled look that is typical for the “shabby” style. Because of the fabric’s unique qualities, each product is hand-cut before sewing.

Fabrics in unbleached cotton
The fabric is untreated so the natural colour of the cotton gives the fabric its character. It’s not dyed nor bleached. Small seed shells in the weave increase its charm factor. No stain protection has been applied to the unbleached cotton due to its natural state, but continuing our promise of quality and design, it has been sanforized to prevent shrinkage and is machine washable.

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