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We are celebrating our 10th anniversary

A personal message from Lesley

10yearsTen years ago, I was inspired by a simple idea that grew out of a simple need: to cover the new, white IKEA sofa sitting in my summer house. There was nothing wrong with it but it looked like, well, millions of other IKEA sofas. I wanted mine to be unique, an expression of my own taste. I tried to find a place where I could buy a stylish custom cover to make it my own but quickly realized that no such place existed. A concept was born and the rest is Bemz history.  

A decade has passed and my original concept remains the same: to create stunning, custom-made slipcovers for IKEA furniture in Scandinavian-inspired designer patterns. And thanks to your support, we now cover over 3000 sofas - and so much more - in 35 countries, every month.

Our products are growing in popularity because they are a collaboration between Bemz and you. The result is a unique piece, co-designed and made to order – a blend of your favourite IKEA furniture, our quality textiles and your personal taste.

Throughout our anniversary year, we will bring you inspiration, products, designs and special offers. So please accept our thanks and join this milestone celebration.

Kindest regards,




Lesley Pennington

Founder and CEO, Bemz

message from lesley

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