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We love design. So, it makes sense that we work with some of the best textile designers in the world. Our partnerships include world famous textile brands, ”up and coming” young designers and our own in-house designer Katarina Wiklund.

Sven Markelius image

Sven Markelius

Sven Markelius (1889-1972)  was one of Sweden’s most iconic 20th century architects and designers, and a strong advocate of Swedish Functionalism. Read more about Sven Markelius »

Soderhamn-jardin exo'chic bemz
Christian Lacroix Logo

Christian Lacroix

The Christian Lacroix approach to design is to tell unique and memorable stories, and invite you to partake in the adventure. Their extravagance and spirit shine through in their patterns and ultimately in your home. Read more about Christian Lacroix »

Bemz Design Award Winners

These winners were picked from hundreds of student entries through a public voting process and an expert panel of judges. Read more about Bemz Design Award Winners »

Söderhamn 3 seater cover - Big Waves Aqua/White


The Swedish design company Littlephant is a colourful world of characters, products and textiles for young and old, created by designer and illustrator Camilla Lundsten. Read more about Littlephant »

Klippan Designers Guild Flamingo Park Fuchsia
Designers Guild Logo

Designers Guild

Famous for their exclusive fabrics and wallpapers, bold designs and unique pattern combinations since 1971. Read more about Designers Guild »

Klippan Unniko Red - Tomelilla armchair Fandango Red


The world renowned Finnish textile company firmly established itself in the 60s, thanks to their strong and distinctive design. Read more about Marimekko »

Karlanda sofa Herbarium - Deep Navy Blue
Stig Lindberg

Stig Lindberg

One of Sweden's most important postwar designers with his timeless and inherently Swedish creations. Read more about Stig Lindberg »

Cushion Josephine Strong Pink
Gota Trädgårdh

Göta Trägårdh

A celebrated Swedish textile, fashion and costume designer during the 1950s and 60s, known for her characteristic “pencil line look”. Read more about Göta Trägårdh »

Ektorp Kokeshi Red/White/Black
Bantie Portrait


Swedish Bantie's creations are characterised by the expression of contemporary design and Scandinavian colour combinations. Read more about Bantie »

Sir Harald Multi Flöro bed frame
Lisa Bengtsson

Lisa Bengtsson

Swedish Lisa Bengtsson has charmed us since 2007 with her stunning designs gracing everything from wallpaper to china. Read more about Lisa Bengtsson »


The company Strömma was founded in 1852 as the Norrköping Bomullsväfveri Ltd, and is synonymous with Swedish textile history. Read more about Strömma »

Annika Malmström

Like many of her peers, Annika Malmström trained at Beckmans College of Design, and worked with textile design for over 50 year. Read more about Annika Malmström »

Stellan Mörner

Stellan Mörner (1896-1979) worked primarily as a painter and scenographer, and was a significant contributor to the post-war Avant-garde scene. Read more about Stellan Mörner »

Klippan sofa Kaleido Blue/blue
Viola Gråsten

Viola Gråsten

Gråsten brought her bold and geometric designs to Sweden from Finland 1945, becoming instantly known for her glowing range of ”Gråsten-colours”. Read more about Viola Gråsten »

Jennylund Static Stripe Light Denim Blue
Katarina Wiklund

Katarina Wiklund

In-house designer Katarina Wiklund brings an innovative and fresh sense of style to Bemz textiles. Read more about Katarina Wiklund »


Our textiles are the foundation of every Bemz product. We provide the very best textiles for the job. 100% machine washable. Exclusive natural fibres. Durable and hard wearing. Read more about Bemz »

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