Give your IKEA furniture a new life

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Compact Living: Smart solutions combining function & style

Compact, clever & chic

Optimise your space with multifunctional furniture and stunning décor tweaks using Bemz designer covers. Plus news for Beddinge, Hagalund and Skruvsta! Scroll down to get inspired.

Scale, balance & harmony

Affordable multifunctional furniture doubles as stylish statement features.

A floor of light wood, white walls and ceilings make the room appear larger than it really is. Affordable multifunctional furniture doubles as stylish statement features, such as a Klippan sofa upcycled to a designer masterpiece.


Turn your bed into a practical and beautiful daybed with the help of a Bemz cover, and add throw cushions to create a modern sofa look.  Let a storage-smart ottoman double as a coffee table. The versatile Beddinge sofa bed, Skruvsta swivel chair, Pällbo footstools and other flexible pieces can help optimise corners and nooks.


Mirrors make a space brighter and lighter. A bookcase or dresser separates one functional area from another. Fabrics, finishes and colours in red, green, blue and black come together in harmony alongside iconic Scandinavian furniture and a clean, fresh design.

Smart & succinct

Small spaces are transformed through innovative use of light and visual harmony.

Room size limits neither functionality nor style in this smart trend. Rather, limitations inspire unique and surprising design solutions. Small or awkward spaces are transformed through innovative use of light, openness and visual harmony.


The petite sofa bed Hagalund is the perfect choice for a smaller room, piled with decorative cushions for a personal touch. Floating shelves showcase your favourite prints and personal mementos. Comfort and simplicity are paramount.


Colours and adeptly arranged furniture can be used to zone the room into defined functional areas. Furniture is sparse and multifunctional and the feel is uncluttered yet cosy.

Playfully mixed & matched

Decorative details add personality and charm.

Vivid fabric completes this playful 70s-inspired contemporary space. The cool colour palette is predominately made up of happy accent hues against a neutral background. Decorative details through bold colour and pattern choices add personality and charm.


Versatile furniture and cushions are cleverly upcycled with covers in contrasting colours and patterns - stripes mixed with oversized floral motifs and organic patterns – turning a set of mismatched furniture into a harmonious whole. A Multi Fit cover in bright yellow transforms an odd chair into a stylish part of a look.


Durable 100% Panama Cotton from Bemz is paired with trendy, timeless classics like Marimekko and Designers Guild. Old favourites from Ikea are transformed into trendy design pieces using unique covers and textiles from Bemz.

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