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Trend: Industrial Vintage

Denim Blue Karlanda 3-seat cover

Vintage with a touch of industrial

Take cues from old, disused warehouses to create your industrial chic look by using a balanced mix of concrete and untreated wood, tarnished metal and supple fabrics.

Unique and exquisitely worn

Industrial Vintage takes inspiration from old, defunct factories and rustic surroundings. Furniture choices are sturdy and functional, with straight lines and simplistic design, ideally a little worn with either rust or peeling paint to give it the proper tarnished look. Typography in all its forms, like large metal letters, are used as art or spray-painted onto cabinets and storage solutions as practical labels. Personal details, such as framed letters and black and white photographs, paired with fresh flowers, give the otherwise austere style a softer, gentler edge. Concrete, wood and various metals, ideally in their crudest, unpolished form, dominate.

Rooms for living

The kitchen plays host to a sturdy table in unfinished wood softened by chairs covered in simple, loose-fitting linen. An old-fashioned blackboard lists the week's shopping, and industrial style lighting and tableware complete the look.


The living room is unpretentious and bright, with a few well-chosen decorative details. The beautiful yet simple sofas, upholstered in washed linen or denim, soften the industrial theme. The coffee table, an upcycled pallet, is finished with a glass top and casters.


The bedroom with its simple, solid-coloured base is the epitome of calm. The bed sports a loose fitting bed skirt in textured fabric. Stacked boxes provide unconventional storage and a slightly worn metal stool is used as a bedside table.

Shades of grey

The well-defined Industrial Vintage style is created using shades of grey, with white, black and blue accents. Denim-like textiles also tick the box in creating the right look for this style, inspired by a genuine factory feel.


Injections of soft pastel colours, particularly "dirty pastels" such as mint green or light yellow, can break up the predominantly grey colour scheme. On-trend metallics, which we are seeing grace both the fashion and the interior worlds, are the ideal partner, offsetting the less refined materials used in this style.


Patterns should be used sparingly so that the subdued, monochromatic grey, white and black colour palette remains uninterrupted. To achieve the right, worn look, opt for interesting textures instead, such as washed, tactile fabrics in any and every shade of grey.

  • Ink Blue Tegnér Melange Textured Cotton


  • Zinc Grey Belgian Linen Blend


  • Graphite Grey Panama Cotton


  • Medium Grey Rosendal Pure Washed Linen


  • Charcoal Grey Sybary Textured Cotton


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