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Månstad - now with removable covers from Bemz!


The sofa's new clothes

The long-awaited cover for the popular Månstad corner sofa bed is now here! Choose from over 180 different designer fabrics.


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After hundreds of email requests from our dear customers and countless hours at the drawing board, Bemz is thrilled to finally announce the launch of removable covers for the Månstad sofa bed from IKEA!


These new covers are easy to put on and remove and completely machine washable.


The seat, back cushions and frame each have their own separate covers, which are to be placed over the existing sofa covers. Thanks to a lot of ingenuity and some handy velcro in all the right places, both the bed function and storage space continue to be accessible.


Click on the link below to select whether you want a left or right-sided cover for your sofa. Then comes the fun bit: finding your personal favourite among our 180 plus different designer fabrics, and test driving it on the sofa from the comfort of your home!


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