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Bedspreads and Abelvär headboard cover

Elegant bedrooms

Create an elegant and coordinated bedroom look with Bemz’s brand new collection of bedspreads, matching cushion covers, and Abelvär headboard cover.

Beautiful bedspreads

Bemz is offering two different styles of bedspread to suit a variety of décors and budgets.

The new bedspread collection will include a “Regular fit” bedspread model available in any of Bemz’s existing fabrics (excluding 100% linens) and a “Loose fit” model with the look and feel of a luxury hotel bedspread, in Bemz’s 100% linen fabrics.


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Cushion & headboard covers

Mix and match or colour coordinate – create your own personal bedroom.

To help you complete your bedroom look, Bemz is also adding several new cushion cover sizes and covers for the Abelvär headboard from IKEA.


The bedspreads, cushion covers and headboard cover will be available in the existing range of colours, patterns and styles at Bemz, purposefully developed to be mixed and matched to create a unique and highly personal look.


And, like all of Bemz’s products, the bedroom range products will be made of 100% natural materials and are machine washable.


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