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Design your custom made Nikkala sofa cover here. Select by model, size or style.

Now you are ready to choose your favourite textiles.

About: Nikkala

The generous seat depth and high back gives Nikkala its characteristic look and the long back pillows create a delightful sitting experience. 

Covers for the back pillows can be ordered separately in many different colours, which gives you even more ways to vary the style of your Nikkala sofa and to create a completely personal designer look.

Bemz has three different cover styles available for the Nikkala sofa—Basiq, a simpler cover in a few different colours, Regular Fit, which has the same design as the original cover from Ikea and Loose Fit Country, with a unique look that transforms the sofa into something entirely new. 

Nikkala is a classic design from Ikea which will be popular for many years to come, even though it went out of production some time ago. This sofa is often available for purchase on one of the popular sites for second-hand furniture, such as Blocket or E-bay.

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